Q: Where is the Computer Store located?

A: The Smith College Computer Store is located in Stoddard Hall 202, on Elm Street across from the Museum of Art. Also located in Stoddard Hall is the OneCard Office, User Support Center, and Computer Technical Services.

Q: When is the store open?

A: During the semester the store is open Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Over breaks hours may vary or store may be closed entirely. 

Q: Can I get technical support on campus?

A: Computer Technical Services, located in Stoddard Hall 203, is an authorized service provider for Dell and Apple. ONLY computers purchased through the Smith College Computer Store will be serviced by Technical Services. For non-Smith purchased equipment, you will need to contact the manufacturer or an off-campus service provider.

Q: What software will I need?

A: As a student, you have access to several applications at no additional cost including, G Suite by Google and Microsoft Office 365.  Please contac the computer store at cstore@smith.edu and we can send you the link to donwload Microsoft Office. Most software titles that students are required to use in class are available in Student Resource Centers; your instructor will provide you with access information.

Q: How does purchasing through the Computer Store work?

A: There are several ways to purchase through the Computer Store; in person, through the online store website, with a downloadable order form via fax or email, and over the phone. The store accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Smith OneCard, checks, and cash. To determine if you are eligible for any financial loans or assistance, it is recommended that you contact Student Financial Services AFTER requesting a quote from the Computer Store.

Q: When should I purchase a computer?

A: Late June through September is the ideal time to purchase a system. Any additional back to school deals or discounts will be offered during this time.

Q: Why should I buy a computer from the computer store and not online or something?

A: There are many great reasons to purchase your computer here. We've listed the top 8: 


1. We offer on campus repair. Only systems purchased at the Smith College Computer Store are serviced on-campus by ITS Tech Services in Stoddard Hall. Plus, we have free loaners while your system is in the shop.

2. We are an Apple® and Dell Authorized Campus Store and Service Provider. We offer professional guidance and advice from our certified sales staff during the purchase process. Our knowledgeable staff continue to provide great service after the purchase. Our focus is on you, not the sale—because unlike many retailers, our staff does not work on commission.

3. We know Smith College. The Smith College Computer Store works with ITS to determine the recommended computer systems for the college. We know what you need.

4. Same Day Try and Buy. Because we have a sales floor area AND inventory on hand, you can demo various systems, purchase one, AND walk away with your new computer all during the same visit.

5. We feature great software discounts. Check out our academic discounts on multiple software titles—including Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office University License.

6. We give back to the college. The Smith College Computer Store is owned and operated by the college. We provide work study jobs to multiple students per semester. 

7. We make ordering easy.

8. We save you money. Most products sold at the Computer Store are at academically discounted prices. We work hard to ensure the products we offer are of the highest quality and competitive prices when academic discounts are not offered.